Mount Kailash Mansarovar Tour - A Pilgrimage Yatra

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Mount Kailash Mansarovar Tour – A Pilgrimage Yatra

Kailash Mansarovar is named after two holy, spiritual and religious sites: Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar. Mount Kailash is a (6,638 M) peak situated to the north of the Himalayan barrier, of Tibet. It is considered as the spiritual center for four great religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Bon. According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva used to mediate at the summit of Mount Kailash along with his wife Parvati. Hindus believe that the Mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva and his family. According to Buddhist scripture Lord Buddha had visited Kailash in the 5th century BC and they also believe that the Buddhism was entered in Tibet from Nepal and India, in the 7th century AD afterward. Another major highlight of Kailash Yatra (tour) is Lake Mansarovar, the highest freshwater lake in the world that lies at the altitude of (4,500 M). Pilgrims believe that drinking water from the lake or taking dip, bath in the lake will wash away all their sins.

Over the year more than 15,000 pilgrims go for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra (tour) to achieve enlightenment and wash all their sins. Generally, Kailash Mansarovar can be toured at any time during the months from April to October each year. April to June and September to October can be best time to travel Kailash Mansarovar as most of the days during these periods are sunny with deep blue sky and stunning beautiful views complained by comfortable temperature.

As, Saga Dawa Festival also falls during this time. Saga Dawa Festival is held on April 15 of the year in Tibetan calendar (approximately in May or June of our solar calendar) on which Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism was born. Make sure that Saga Dawa Festival is one of the most important festivals for the local Tibetans and during this peak travel period, you should have to do advance reservation as guesthouses by the lake or along the Kailash trekking route can be full. From July to August monsoon season comes in the Tibet. The infiltrated Kailash Mansarovar turns to be more mysterious with rainfall and light fogs. Temperature does not drop dramatically so; July and August can also be possible for visitors and pilgrims to visit. During this time, there will be a high chance of heavy rainfall so when you encounter rain, wear on your rainproof jacket and make sure your backpack has been fully covered.

From November to March, this area is covered with heavy snow. The temperature falls dramatically and during the daytime howling wind can make you feel faint with headache easily caused, let alone the freezing night. As for pilgrims who insist on a Mansarovar Lake water bathing, it is firmly recommended not to stay in the water for a long time. Wrap your body immediately once you get out of the water in case of catching cold.

You can also try to visit Mount Kailash for doing Kailash Kora in years of the horse (also the animal among the 12 animals with the next year of horse falls in 2026) and do the Manasarovar Kora in years of the goat (the Chinese use 12 zodiac animals with the next year of goat falls in 2027). Almost all the Tibetan prayers believe that circumambulating the Mount Kailash in horse years and Lake Mansarovar in goat years can accrue more merits than doing the Kora in other years.

January 4th, 2019

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