Holy Mt Kailash Yatra 2014

We are pleased to share with you that in addition to our regular ‘Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan tours,’ Fishtail Tours & Travel Pvt. Ltd. has successfully accomplished its 13th badge of ‘Holy Mt Kailash and Mansarovar Yatra – 2014’ from 13th May to 22nd July 2014.

Despite of various obstacles on our way, we were successful to operate our 13 batches without any tribulation. Another reason we have to smile and flaunt is that our yatries and agents are fully satisfied by the service of our Mt Kailash team, which was successfully led by Mr Roshan Panday, the Head of Mt Kailash and Adventure Tour Department. In time permit and visa arrangement became possible due to the amicable relationship that we do always have with Chinese Counterparts in the Foreign Affair Service and IPSC. Now we have launched new offers of 2 more departures that are scheduled on 1st September and 15th September.

The Fishtail management team has decided to offer a very special rate for the yatries who want to join with our above state last two fixed departure dates. The service we offer will be as per the usual standard of our company because we never compromise on quality.

For further details about Holy Mount Kailash Yatra regarding: booking, price and all other information all the associates are requested to contact to:

Mr. Roshan Panday
Head, Mt Kailash and Adventure Tour
Email: roshan@fishtail.org , kailashtour@fishtail.org
Mob: + 977 9841180788