Corporate Social Responsibility

Society is increasingly aware of companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance, and Fishtail has long attached great importance to its CSR programs. In addition to sustaining ambitious environmental protection activities, all units in the Fishtail Group are working concertedly to further improve CSR performance, programs for contributing to society, and measures to enhance two-way communication with customers. Accordingly, we have been leading companywide programs aimed at fostering a highly ethical corporate culture and proactively improving CSR performance.

Environmental Protection Activities

Fishtail recognizes that environmental protection activities are a Companywide responsibility. Since our establishment in 1990, the Company has annually set itself specific environmental protection enhancement goals related to its service, products, store facilities, waste disposal, and other activities, and it has worked resolutely to attain those goals. These activities are viewed as contributing to the achievement of our risk management goals as well as to reducing costs and improving our cost structure.