Fishing & Hunting

With the increasing popularity of Fishing and Angling in Nepal, several fishing trips are organized annually. There are approximately 118 varieties of fresh-water fish in the Himalayan Rivers ranging from the much sought after Mahseer to the mountain stream trout. Fishing trips on white waters are generally organized before and after the monsoons from February through April and October through November.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in Western Nepal is the only place where licensed hunting is allowed in Nepal. Dhorpatan is a prime habitat of the even-toed ungulates of the upper regions, Blue Sheep, Ghoral, Serow, Himalayan Tahr, Black Bear, Pheasant and Partridge. Endangered species found here are Chir Pheasant and Red Panda. Hunting is allowed only after acquiring license from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation of Kathmandu and is restricted to certain times of the year.

Dhorpatan is a 4-day trek from Baglung which is 72 km from Pokhara. The best time to visit Dhorpatan is during February through April and August through October. Accommodation is offered in tented camps by agencies or at one of the village houses.